Bethany Snipes, LCSW, LISW-CP  

     Expert Life Coaching and Therapy For Empowerment and Change 



Traditional Therapy and Coaching

Supportive and Effective Talk Therapy

Therapeutic treatments to help with life transitions, stress, emotional instability. Only the most researched techniques are used to work through life's challenges. 

Effective Mindfulness and EFT 

Combination of Traditional therapeutic services incorporating Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Meditation

 Combining the most effective treatments available creates an experience of self-exploration and quicker, more effective change. EFT utilizes aspects of traditional treatment with the latest in research that shows EFT to be most effective for stress and a variety of life challenges, including anxiety, depression, trauma, disconnecting behaviors that create distress and difficulty functioning.  

Mindfulness Hypnotherapy Services

Services Coming Soon!!!

Hypnotherapy for Weight loss, Smoking, Emotional Stability, Athletic Performance enhancement and so much more!!!!!  Call to find when this service will be available

Education for Self-Improvement and Empowerment

Classes and Workshops to become an empowered to self-actualization

EFT, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness workshops. These can be private workshops or group workshops. These workshops can accommodate individual and group needs so call or email for requests and details!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Well-being and Empowerment

Essential Oils derived from plants around the world can be effective in supporting mental clarity, motivation, uplifting mood and stabilizing emotions in order to become more effective day to day and create authentic experiences in life.